CRIME. Everybody does it. Nobody admits it. Except me.

Yes. Whilst on my lunch hour, after I ate my cheese sandwich and drank three mouthfuls of tap water from my plastic bottle, I found myself alone. And walking. Towards the studio where the Sorry Kisses were mixing their hotly anticipated THIRD album.

Oddly enough, the studio was quiet and deserted. I assumed they must have gone out on an errand so took the opportunity to see what evidence I could find of their sonic exploits.

And what a TREASURE I found! A piece of paper containing valuable mix notes illustrating progress on the aforementioned record.

From this I can decipher that the Sorry Kisses must be coming close to mix completion. However, it looks like they are obsessed with 'BASS BOOM', complain of a 'POCKY SNARE' and also include cryptic offering such as 'HAY GUIT BIT LOW END' and 'ESS? 2ND CHO VOX LOUD?'.

I have blacked out the song titles for your SAFETY.

I have no idea or suggestions as to what this could mean but I can only hope and pray that they overcome these obstacles and deliver us unto the rockapocalypse.