Two questions:

1. Do you consider music as a soundtrack to your life?
2. Have you ever got stranded in a blizzard?

If your answers to the above questions are both YES, then this is your lucky day!

This is because Desert Mine Music are extremely proud to offer you ANOTHER FREE DOWNLOAD!

Indeed, this time we have an archive sound nugget from Desert Mine recording artist Sam Forrest. 'No Way Back' is a bleakly lush/lushly bleak piano/mandolin piece of sound written and recorded during the snowstorms of winter 2009. Having festered for over a year in the Desert Mine Music archives, we now feel that the time is right to unveil it onto the snowbound public.

If you like the sound of this, you may wish to consider purchasing Sam Forrest's latest album 'No Imagination', but do rush as there's only a few copies left in the Desert Mine Music vaults here.