I don't know what an epoch is. I cannot bring myself to go on to the web of lies to research what it is. But I do know that an epoch can be defined by greatness.

And it seems that an epoch has been defined by a Toronto based troubadour called Dany Slak who this week has released his debut album entitled 'Rods' through Desert Mine Music.

How has the epoch been defined? By lyrical agility bubbling through laments like 'Shipwreck', by vocal gymnastics somersaulting throughout 'Trying To Hit The Horizon' and through mood-altering psychedelics such as 'Flags'.

It is this that brings us together into a new dawn of hope and exhiliration. And proves that we must stand tall and reach inside our jackets/handbags/manbags and pull out our wallets and proceed in an orderly queue to the Desert Mine Music checkout here and order a copy of the greatest album ever called 'Rods'.

Or you can even buy it on iTunes if you want to be sandblasted by shitty adverts for Gorillaz and toss like that...

Don't believe how good great art can be, then listen here...