This was going to be a nice little blog rejoicing about the fact that Sam Forrest's epic album 'The Edge Of Nowhere' is out this week and available for purchase at our own exclusive Desert Mine Music shop here: http://desertminemusic.greedbag.com/

Was also going to mention that Sam made a video for his brand new song 'Young Pretenders' and announced a plethora of live shows on his website at http://www.samforrest.com/

However, I've had to abandon all of these plans due to a problem.

A problem that has occurred every single time that we've released an album on compact disc.

This problem lies with CD manufacturers. We are not going to name names as we believe these companies are run by good honest people.

This will function merely as a warning for those planning to release an album on compact disc, because in the past few years we have:

1. Received hundreds of copies of an album with completely black artwork a la Spinal Tap's 'Smell The Glove.

2. Received a thousand copies of an album with graphics files on the CD rather than the music.

3. Received hundreds of copies of an album in a weird thin black plastic case rather than a card wallet.

4. Received hundreds of copies of an album in a card wallet that has had a mystery white blankness over a third of the back cover.

5. Received hundreds of copies of an album with a big glitch in one of the audio tracks.

6. Had to wait two months for a CD order to arrive on a job that we were promised would take 'about five days'.

And these are all from different manufacturers, so we're not sure what's going on but it's hardly helping the 'keep music a physical product' movement.

This is the most pathetic thing that I've written and serves no function other than to highlight the fact that car insurance adverts are fecking annoying and that I want a holiday.