In our latest attempt to hype our artists into musical self-sufficiency, we've formulated a deeply ORIGINAL idea.

We ask one of our artists to tell us about the top ten songs that are occupying their brains at this moment in time.

Our first candidate is our resident wonk-punk sarc-goblet Mark Wynn.

At The Drive In - Pattern Against User   

Uh huh.. I like it...  Walked from a hostel in nottingham to the greyhound in Beeston in february while listening to this and the rest of the album... It helped pass the time

The Babies - My Name 

Bought this off some bloke called Johnathon Fawn or something like at a "show" at the duchess in York... There was no more Fawn Spots stuff I didn't already have so I got this instead... It's the shit... Also got a free lollipop when I bought it... sweets...

Rat Catchers Mallets - Her Sweet Rain 

Did a gig with these in Brighton earlier this year... the drive down was amusing... I felt very very much like a child in a van... There songs are really good...

The Minutemen - Little Man with a gun in his hand 

I didn't like them and then I did and now I do and they make me feel good in the stomach when I listen to them... some kind of bowel soothers... like immodium? I'm not sure

Henry Miller - New York Clip... 

Not a song but still... Henry seems to wake up in a bathrobe in the street and then he starts to speak and it's cool... He can be equal parts toss, inpenetrable and brilliant which I like about him

The Fall - Eat y'self fitter 

Started with the Fall in the summer and I get more into them as I go along... I like the discussions... Must stop listening to them..

Brian Jonestown Massacre  - Nevertheless 

Just found this song the other day... erm... i like it...

Fawn Spots - Spanish Glass 

Bought this from Attic records in the summer... Foxy played me the B side... played it to death... nearly crashed my mums car while indulging in its "dirty love"

The Replacements - Take me down to the hospital 

Live version of this song which I like... Paul Westerberg can sing my shopping list any day...  

Syd Barrett - Octopus 

Bought this in The Inkwell the other day... I dig... man... got compared to him recently so will have to stop listening to him now.