Next artist to encounter our top ten songs conundrum is Hayley Hutchinson.

Hayley is not only one of our flagship artists, but also one half of the Sorry Kisses, but also also one of the founders of Desert Mine Music itself.

So fire up your nearest Youtube playing device and deliver yourself into sonic excelsius...

Bon Iver - Holocene

I fell in love with this song. I played it almost every morning on the drive to work down the country roads in Winter. It's dreamy and has a calming effect on me.

Echo & The Bunnymen - Killing Moon

This song has a great atmosphere to it that still sounds great. Jangly Gothic pop at it's best.

The Flaming Lips - Bad Days

I pretty much love everything about The Flaming Lips. Even when Wayne sings with a mouthful of toothpaste he's awesome. This song makes me happy.

Hole - Violet

When Courtney Love was in her prime. Love the energy of this live performance. She's got the best female rock voice ever. Also I like her lipstick colour. It's a girl thing.

The Lemonheads - Rudderless

Only really started listening to The Lemonheads this past year. This song sticks in my head the most. I love the whole album. It'll always remind me of Scotland as I listened to it a lot driving around the Highlands.

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

This song reminds me of one of the happiest Summers I've had, which is odd as it's quite a downbeat song in a way. It's whisky and warm Summer evenings to me though.

The National - Anyones Ghost

A recent discovery. This is my favourite song from their latest album. They seem great live from looking at this video.

Ty Segall - Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart

Saw them live this year and I haven't danced and sweated so much at a gig in years. So much energy and ballsy pop songs. Am in love with this record.

Nirvana - Aneurysm 

When I was 14 I thought they were the best band in the world and pretty much watched this video on repeat, which surprised some people as I tended to sing pretty folk songs. I was always envious of their energy and really, desperately wanted to be in a band because of them. They made it look fun.

Teenage Fanclub - Sparky's Dream

I saw them live a couple of years ago and Norman was smiling throughout the whole show. It was such a feel good atmosphere, and this song was one of the first I'd ever heard by them.