Discover the hidden secrets of You Should Get To Know Us

The Dutch noise-pop band, You Should Get To Know Us, have recently released their second EP, Useful Casanovas, on Desert Mine Music. It's another showcase for the Nijmegen band's supercharged melodic sounds that take in influences ranging from Fountains of Wayne to Dandy Warhols and beyond. 

We caught up with You Should Get To Know Us at a secret location, and asked them the most important questions about being the most exciting guitar band in northern Europe. 

1. You have a song called Mad/Sad. What are your other favourite rhyming words?
Boring and doing. They rhyme much better than you would expect, as you can hear in our song 'Reality'. We also have a new song in which we rhyme flashlight with light. 

2. Do you prefer Limp Bizkit or Papa Roach?
Papa Roach, definitely. They are very liedje, as we say in the Netherlands. We especially enjoy their earlier, anti-capitalist, work, such as the song 'Between Angels and Insects' with the chorus going like: 'Fuck your money, fuck your possession,..., I don't need that shit'

3. What is the length of your average band practice?
2 hours

4. What is the worst song you have ever written?
They are all equally bad. 

5. What percentage of your live performances are good?
Ehm, maybe 70%? Usually 30% of our live performances have no audience.

6. What was your opinion of the Netherlands’ entry into the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest?
Better than the UK entry. Also, it had guitars in it, which is good. However, it was not very liedje as it reminded us of Nickelback and Kid Rock. 

7. Do you prefer to cycle or walk?
Cycle. Did you know that our Dutch label Liedjescollectief also owns a cycling team? It is called Liedjescollectief Pro Cycling.

8. What is the favourite place where you have performed a rock show?
Dresden in Germany. Great city. We had a very memorable rock show there in which Sewage Farm's Sam Forrest blew up our guitar amp.

9. You have three singers in your band. who is the best at singing in tune?
Victor. He is also the best cyclist, by the way. 

10. What meal do you usually eat when you are out on the road, playing rock shows?

Check out the video for their new song, Still Waiting and you can buy the Useful Casanovas EP by You Should Get To Know Us at the Desert Mine shop.

The band are currently on tour in the Netherlands at the following dates before returning to the UK for a summer tour: 

8 June: Eernegem B52 Music Club
9 June: Amsterdam 'Skek
16 June: 's Hertogenbosch - Muzeikcafe Lohengrin
7 July: Nijmegen Merleyn