Get to know the dynamic Dutch duo

Fans of Desert Mine will know that we released a two-track single from Lovesick Puppies in autumn 2020. There was a notable lack of promotional effort at the time due to our debauched lifestyles, so we thought that we'd catch up with Merlijn and Victor from the band. Here are the results of our in-depth interview with Lovesick Puppies.

1. Lovesick Puppies is a side-project of You Should Get To Know Us. Do you hate the other guys in the band? 

Hate is a strong term, but it's complicated. Lovesick Puppies initially formed because the other guys of YSGTKU didn't want to play some songs that we came up with. But after they heard our recent hits, they were extremely eager to join the Lovesick Puppies supergroup that we formed last summer. So all with all there is a pretty weird dynamic going on. 

2. One of your songs is called ‘I’m Lucky’. Can you prove that you are lucky? 

I bought a perfectly ripe avocado. 

3. The other one of your songs is called ‘Undone’. What is the best thing that you have undone?


4. You are a two-piece band. Do you share royalties 50/50? 

We share them equally 5/5, our label Desert Mine Music keeps the other 90, unfortunately. 

5. Would you rather be lovesick or a puppy? 

A puppy 

6. How do you stay grounded while enjoying your successful musical career? 

Not, we don't stay grounded. We're sky high. 

 7. How did you spend the royalties earned from the sales of your Undone / I’m Lucky single?

Champagne parties. We burned the remainder. 

8. Do you have any fashion tips for Spring/Summer 2021? 

Colourful shirts and tight pants, possibly combined with high heels. We're very much inspired by the style icons from the band Cowgirl. 

9. How do you deal with all of the bad reviews that Lovesick Puppies get? 

Haters gonna hate 

10. Do you feel that your party-boy lifestyle gets in the way of your music? 

Yes, we're too busy drinking champagne and burning money to ever make music again.