No sooner had I created this beautiful space for art and commerce, then one of the cofounders of Desert Mine Music, Sam Forrest told me that he's finally ready to release his non-blues SOLO album 'No Imagination'.

SHIT THE BED! He even played it to me and I was held in a trance of melodies from outer space, lyrical rumblings of poignant awesomeness and packaging that frankly redefines the concept of 'compact disc in a jewel case'.

The album will be out on Desert Mine Music on November 15th and has these TEN songs (I've included my own review of each to guide your senses)

1. Burning Fields (the sound of a bridge made of broken refrigerators burning in a beautiful sunset)
2. Echo Godless (guitar hailstones and subharmonic tom tom poetry)
3. Homesick Lullaby (never has orphan hatred sounded so MELANCHOLY)
4. Just My Imagination (o.r.g.a.n)
5. Second Doubts (future dancefloor classic, remix to follow)
6. Drifter (lowslung alleyway waltzpiss)
7. My Supernova (march, MARCH, March)
8. Run Away With Me (thistlebrained insect love)
9. The Things You Need (dust rust bust)
10. Land Of The Free (no moustaches)

No sooner had I listened to this then my door was being thumped with closed fist by reviews editors across the nation wanting a piece. This is what the nice folks at Manchester Music Online said:


:: Sam Forrest ::

31 October 2010 / Desert Mine Music / 10 Trk CD


Sam Forrest (of Nine Black Alps fame) is very effectively forging his own solo career. With his work with Hayley Hutchinson via The Sorry Kisses gaining its own momentum, there’s no creative shortage in the mind and hands of Mr Forrest as this third full length solo album, supplies more promising, introspective observations. For the best part of the LP, the guitar is picked or bustles with hints of West Coast folk or whispers of Americana. “Homesick Lullaby” offers both accessibility and tuneful interludes, as elsewhere muffled explosions of rock noise appear in the distant background. “Second Doubts” is rockier, benefitting from the build up of effects and guitar hook lines – “Land Of The Free” is one of the prettiest songs to be found here, which given the soft sonic focus of the other tracks, is saying something. A distinctively pretty album, where brilliant sunshine is tempered by emotional baggage and distant storm clouds – Sam Forrest can’t really fail...



And he's playing live where? HERE!

November 14th: York Stereo (supporting Haight Ashbury)
November 18th: Wakefield Henry Boons

I can't fucking believe it! GO NOW!