The latest on the road news from hot Desert Mine signings

This week sees Cowgirl and You Should Get To Know Us hitting the road across Eastern Europe. The week-long tour sees the Desert Mine signings playing cities in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

We asked the bands to keep us updated with the latest road gossip by writing a tour diary. Check out the latest Cowgirl single and the critically acclaimed You Should Get To Know Us album and see what happened on the road.

20 July - Dresden Mondfisch

Tour report from Merlijn (You Should Get To Know Us)

We left very late because of slacker stuff but were at Mondfisch at 8. The British people were eating a lot of crisps in the van. Cowgirl started and some people came in to listen and then left later again because it was insanely loud. Then we played with little audience until it started raining outside, which was nice. Next, we got drunk and ate falafel. Overall, it was a very predictable day. Cheers!

Tour report from Sam (Cowgirl)

Veni vidi vici. Day 1 on the road with YSGTKU. It's been a hot one. Shout out to Franz at the Mondfisch, he was a good guy and we enjoyed his signature 'The Franz' shot. Smouldering sets by both bands. Disappointing kebab game. Good bread and substantial amount of meat but lacking in sauce and salad. 6/10. It was a dry boy. Interesting and frequent bowel movements this morning. The sun's out and we're in the van heading to tonight's show in Prague. The air con is flowing and the tunes are pumping. A man shouted loudly at the end of last night's set 'Who are you?!'. We responded 'We are Cowgirl'. That we are. That we are.

Audience attendance: 4 - 20

Josse from You Should Get To Know Us eating food
Josse from YSGTKU and Sam from Cowgirl talk business
Cowgirl in the van

Cowgirl photobooth action
You Should Get To Know Us up the style stakes


French New Wave-themed video for UK/US three-piece

Play It Cool is the brand new video from The Sorry Kisses. The video was filmed by One&OtherCreative and it was shot with the loan of a vintage Citroen sports car in the countryside of North Yorkshire. The song is taken from the Sorry Kisses' fifth album, Life's An Illusion that's available to buy from the Desert Mine shop.


Fifth album from the Sorry Kisses - Exclusive video for It's a Killer

The Sorry Kisses' fifth album - Life's An Illusion is out now. The ten-track album is available to buy as a compact disc or as a digital download. Life's An Illusion will also be available from all streaming sites.

Check out this album review from the Here Comes The Flood weblog, and watch the band's new video for It's A Killer.


Fifth album from UK/US trio 

The Sorry Kisses' brand new album - Life's An Illusion - is now available to preorder from the Desert Mine shop. The album will be released on June 28 2019, and it is available as a strictly limited edition CD and digital download. Life's an Illusion will also be streamable at Spotify, iTunes etc. Check out the brand new video for the album's opening song, City Rhythm.

Life's An Illusion was mixed by The Sorry Kisses with the assistance of Josiah Mazzaschi (Built To Spill, Rilo Kiley), and was recorded at The Cave Studio in Los Angeles, as well as the band's home studio in North Yorkshire, UK.


Watch the exclusive video trailer for the fifth Sorry Kisses album

Life's An Illusion will be the fifth album from The Sorry Kisses. The UK/LA based band have been working on the record for five years, and it will be finally available as CD/DD from the Desert Mine shop in June 2019. The Sorry Kisses showcased the video for the title track from the album last year, and you can check out a teaser trailer for the Life's An Illusion album right here.


Debut solo EP from the You Should Get To Know Us singer

Jobs 'n Dogs is the first solo EP to be released by Dutch singer-songwriter Ralf Knoflook. The six-track EP was recorded by Ralf at his home in Nijmegen, and is a world away from his work with the noisy indie rock band You Should Get To Know Us. Instead the EP features atmospheric tracks like the accordian-led The Road that recalls the likes of Iron and Wine and the Elliott Smith-influenced lo-fi groove of World of Stone.

Jobs 'n Dogs is available on CD at the Desert Mine shop, or at Liedjescollectief, and can be streamed at all of the standard live streaming services. Check out the video for World of Stone below.


Breezy pop smash from garage rock duo

Since the start of 2019, we've been releasing some singles by the acclaimed garage rock duo - Cowgirl. From the primitive J.A.M.C cruise of She Picks Me Up to the Brian Jonestown-esque boogie of You're Not There, Cowgirl have shown that they are way more fun than most rock bands.

Their latest track, Different Ways, showcases the band's poppier side and has already been picking up some rave reviews. The song is available to download from the Desert Mine shop and can be streamed from all regular streaming sites. Check out the video for Different Ways below.


Debut album from Dutch power-pop four-piece

You Should Get To Know Us will be releasing their debut album, Hole In Whatever, through Desert Mine and Liedjescollectief on 19 January 2019. The twelve-track album was produced by Sam Forrest (Nine Black Alps) and features guest backing vocals from Hayley Hutchinson (The Sorry Kisses).

The Dutch indie rock band recorded the album in just one week during Summer 2018. Sessions took place at Crooked Room Studios and Granny Flat Studios near York, UK in the midst of a successful tour of Northern England.

Hole In Whatever features the brand's trademark slack-pop sounds, but broadens the sonic palette to take in influences ranging from the low-down acoustic boogie of My Baby to the ramshackle indie rock of Happily Misused. Whether it's the emotionally fraught drama of When You're Gone or the intricate songcraft of Pie, Hole In Whatever represents a big step up in the sonics of the Nijmegen-based band and has already been receiving rave reviews in the Dutch press.

The Hole In Whatever album is available for preorder on CD and will be streamable via all the standard digital outlets. You Should Get To Know us will be hosting a special album launch show in Nijmegen on 19 January 2019 with hotly-tipped post-punkers, The Klittens, in support.

Check out the video for lead single, The Ride.


Find out the inner workings of the UK garage rock duo

Cowgirl have been around for less than one hour, but in that time they have already stunned UK audiences with their outrageous live shows whilst supporting the likes of Amber Arcades, Mi Mye and more. Desert Mine have just released Cowgirl's debut single, She Picks Me Up, which is taken from their highly anticipated debut album. To find out more about what make Cowgirl's world go round, we tracked down Danny and Sam from the band and asked them 10 thought-provoking questions.

1. Why doesn’t Cowgirl use synthesisers to make your music sound more modern?
Interestingly most our material is composed on the classic EMS VCS3, recording-wise though we like guitars, our drummer's a technophobe.

2. Are Cowgirl actively looking for endorsements or sponsorship deals?

We pretty much got into this gig to make money so anything we can get to put on ebay really helps. Currently pushing for an Everard's Tiger, willing to wear a t-shirt on Later with Jools Holland.


Get an exclusive insight into the workings on the dynamic UK-LA two-piece

Young Light are well-known as being one of the hardest working bands on the scene. With one album in five years, the duo have shown a work rate that puts the competition to shame. The band first hit the scene in 2013 with their Great White Arc debut album drawing comparisons with My Bloody Valentine, Tame Impala and No Age

But it wasn't until Desert Mine released their stand-alone single, Blank Dice, that things got really exciting. So where do Young Light go from here? There are plenty of great interviews with Young Light out there, but we wanted to go a step further to see what really makes this band tick. So we tracked down the band's charismatic lead singer, Michael Feerick, and asked him ten thought-provoking questions. Watch the Blank Dice video here.

1. Rock stars are well known for their excess and bad-boy lifestyles. How do you stay in shape when you are on ‘the road’?

Well, over the years I've developed a tried-and-true tour regimen which I adhere to vigorously. I start the day with an elixir of Alka Seltzer XS and Berocca dissolved in a bottle of still Lucozade Sport. Once in the van I'll sip a quadruple-shot Americano whilst working through a series of clenches, crunches, ankle rotations and arm stretches. Upon arrival at the venue I begin my daily retox of 12-14 cans of Red Stripe. Back at the hotel post-show I'll have a nightcap of Jameson and Corsodyl anti-bacterial mouthwash, get 2-3 hours sleep and begin the whole process again.


Mythical song-mangler gives his thoughts on the scene

Mark Wynn's latest album, Normal Tea, has just hit the shops. Find out the secrets of his secrecy in our exclusive Desert Mine interview. You can stream, buy or ignore Mark Wynn's 'Normal Tea' album at our Desert Mine shop.

What’s your favourite Oasis song?

I kneeled on my knees, in the remains of / that chip shop once was a newsagent. I looked hard at the pictures of the man in his band, with his red shirt and guitar, and all that stuff they said about him and his brother.

Following this, I walked back over the bridge wanting to be a burglar man from Burnage, attempting that scowl like the man in his shirt. I wanted terribly to be able to do it. But I couldn’t. I sat in my bedroom and listened to his swaggering brother asking if I knew what he meant.

Oh, yes, Mr Burnage burglar man. Certainly.

Eventually, I got thumped by this lad from Burnholme. But that’s another boring story.

I watched the news conference where they said they were getting rid of some of the band. My Dad took me to Monks Cross (‘?) to buy Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and I was disappointed.


Four track digital EP featuring cover of French pop classic

Sewage Farm have released their Blue EP via Desert Mine. The four-track EP features the title track, Blue, that was previously released as a split seven-inch by Speedowax.

There are three other songs on the EP that were recorded at the same sessions as Blue. These include a cover of the Annie Phillipe song 'C'est La Mode'. You can stream the EP or download it directly from the Desert Mine shop. Check out the video for Blue here.


Discover the hidden secrets of You Should Get To Know Us

The Dutch noise-pop band, You Should Get To Know Us, have recently released their second EP, Useful Casanovas, on Desert Mine Music. It's another showcase for the Nijmegen band's supercharged melodic sounds that take in influences ranging from Fountains of Wayne to Dandy Warhols and beyond. 

We caught up with You Should Get To Know Us at a secret location, and asked them the most important questions about being the most exciting guitar band in northern Europe. 

1. You have a song called Mad/Sad. What are your other favourite rhyming words?
Boring and doing. They rhyme much better than you would expect, as you can hear in our song 'Reality'. We also have a new song in which we rhyme flashlight with light. 

2. Do you prefer Limp Bizkit or Papa Roach?
Papa Roach, definitely. They are very liedje, as we say in the Netherlands. We especially enjoy their earlier, anti-capitalist, work, such as the song 'Between Angels and Insects' with the chorus going like: 'Fuck your money, fuck your possession,..., I don't need that shit'

3. What is the length of your average band practice?
2 hours

4. What is the worst song you have ever written?
They are all equally bad. 

5. What percentage of your live performances are good?
Ehm, maybe 70%? Usually 30% of our live performances have no audience.

6. What was your opinion of the Netherlands’ entry into the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest?
Better than the UK entry. Also, it had guitars in it, which is good. However, it was not very liedje as it reminded us of Nickelback and Kid Rock. 

7. Do you prefer to cycle or walk?
Cycle. Did you know that our Dutch label Liedjescollectief also owns a cycling team? It is called Liedjescollectief Pro Cycling.

8. What is the favourite place where you have performed a rock show?
Dresden in Germany. Great city. We had a very memorable rock show there in which Sewage Farm's Sam Forrest blew up our guitar amp.

9. You have three singers in your band. who is the best at singing in tune?
Victor. He is also the best cyclist, by the way. 

10. What meal do you usually eat when you are out on the road, playing rock shows?

Check out the video for their new song, Still Waiting and you can buy the Useful Casanovas EP by You Should Get To Know Us at the Desert Mine shop.

The band are currently on tour in the Netherlands at the following dates before returning to the UK for a summer tour: 

8 June: Eernegem B52 Music Club
9 June: Amsterdam 'Skek
16 June: 's Hertogenbosch - Muzeikcafe Lohengrin
7 July: Nijmegen Merleyn


Second EP from acclaimed Dutch power pop group

Useful Casanovas is the second EP by You Should Get to Know Us and it will be released by Desert Mine Music in conjunction with Liedjescollectief on 11 May 2018.

The EP contains six tracks of the band's trademark grungy power pop and it's available to preorder here for limited edition CD or digital download.

Recorded in York, UK by Sam Forrest, the Useful Casanovas EP shows the band building momentum ahead of their long-awaited debut album. Check out the Liedjesfestival show in the band's hometown of Nijmegen on 11 May.


Seven track EP containing exclusive fuzz-juice

Wolf Solent is the latest addition to the Desert Mine roster, and this reclusive artist has given us the fantastic EP // 4 to mark the occasion. The seven-track EP features Wolf Solent's trademark lysergic drawl strewn across boogie rhythms and cosmic ephemera.

We've even forced the critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter to write and record an exclusive track, Spiral Tile, that you'll get free and instant access to by buying the limited-edition CD or downloading the EP from our Desert Mine shop.


Ten years of sonic excellence  

2018 marks the ten-year anniversary of Desert Mine Music. What started as a small North Yorkshire-based label has expanded to become a global music-making project that includes bands from as far afield as Los Angeles, Toronto and Nijmegen.

So to celebrate this momentous event, you can look forward to new records from The Sorry Kisses, Mark Wynn, Sewage Farm, You Should Get To Know Us, as well as releases from hotly-tipped acts like Wolf Solent.

And we'll be putting on special events and giving some stuff away from our archives too.


Power trio return with second album - in stereo

Harmony Beach is the new album by acclaimed rock band Sewage Farm. The album will be released via the Desert Mine shop as digital download and limited edition compact disc on 8 September 2017.

Featuring twelve brand new tracks of fuzz-soaked melody-bombs, Harmony Beach sees the band taking their garage-rock sound into darker territories.

Recorded direct to tape at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, the album expands Sewage Farm's sonic template with Hammond organ flourishes, extended feedback breaks and the addition of a stereo channel.


Lost archive material from Sam Forrest finds new life

Lost in Flight is the seventh album by Sam Forrest, and although new, it's a collection of tracks that were recorded in 2010.

The thirteen songs are mostly acoustic with a bare minimum of piano, drums and bass in accompaniment. This will be a digital only release with high quality audio files from the Desert Mine shop, and streaming options available elsewhere.


Mythical York-based songwriter unleashes debut album

We're proud to announce that we've released the debut album by Dave Keegan. The eponymous album is highly recommended for any fans of Wilco, The Beatles, XTC, Big Star etc...

Recorded over the course of many years by Dave Keegan and Sam Forrest in North Yorkshire, the album features ten tracks that take in Keegan's years roaming from York to New Zealand and back.

Released on limited edition compact disc and digital download, the album will be accompanied by a free download of the exclusive song 'Black and White' for anybody who purchases the album on CD from the Desert Mine shop.


Dutch powerpop band release their debut EP masterpiece

In cooperation with Liedjescollectief, Desert Mine Music will release the debut EP by You Should Get To Know Us on 9 June 2017.

The five-track EP is called Faceland and will be available as a limited edition compact disc, high quality digital download and will be streamable at all global streaming sites.

The band hail from Nijmegen in the Netherlands and have quickly caught the attention of the music press thanks to their blend of classic Big Star-inspired songwriting with the more modern noisescapes of bands like The Dandy Warhols and Happyness.

The EP is available to preorder from the Desert Mine shop. Check out the band's video for their song Not Going To The Party.