Day five sees Desert Mine signings entertaining their fans in the Hungarian capital

The Cowgirl and You Should Get To Know Us summer tour is now past the halfway point. Both bands are now experienced and well-oiled road machines. Check out their latest tour diary to see how to make 21st century touring a massive success.

25 July - Budapest Edison Bar & Ink 

Tour report - Cowgirl 

After the previous night's drama the boys needed to unwind and make sure they were in peak physical condition for the rock show later that evening. Most of the guys went to the thermal baths to unwind and get some well needed pampering. 

We checked into a new apartment, aptly named 'The House of Rock'. And boy did it rock. Rock posters of our favourite bands adorned the walls: Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, AC/DC. On the way to checking in Sam walked through a film set, two men wearing balaclavas, sticking up a car with AK47s. Look out for him on the big screen next year. 

The evening's gig was at a bar/ tattoo parlour. We had been told Iggy Pop was playing in town which obviously impacted on audience attendance. We played to a total of four people, they were all Dutch and seemed pretty into what we were doing. One of them accused us of doing a U2 cover but apart from that he seemed alright. It was a hot and sweaty affair and everything was played at pretty much half tempo. YSGTKU rocked hard and did an exquisite cover of September Girls sending the crowd into a frenzy. 

The taxi driver on the journey back to the hostel was an absolute warrior. Danny asked him why he had two pairs of drum sticks on the dashboard. He preceded to blare out heavy metal and shred on his steering wheel, also handing Danny a pair for an impromptu jam session. On arriving back to the apartment, Danny and Josse got trapped in the lift between two floors almost derailing the whole tour. 

We met an Italian guy called Marco who owned a pizza joint. He had been on Master Chef and cooked an insane pesto lasagna. Thank you Marco. You are a good man. A Lemmy poster on our apartment wall summed everything up: 49% mother fucker, 51% son of a bitch. And with that, we felt like we were in safe hands, our guardian angel watching over us. RIP Lemmy. Shine on you crazy diamond. 

Tour report - You Should Get To Know Us

No massive turn out, but a MASSIVE TURN LOUD. Woke up in the Hilton this morning, feeling fabulous and alive. Ralf and Merlijn were very glad to hear that Josse and Victor were not bitten by the bed bugs. Spent the afternoon in a bathing house. Had a great time, it was a total chill-out. 

Went to the venue, a bar + tattooshop. The basement stage looked very nice. Unfortunately, there were no people there when the bands started. We played first and our songs were very well received by the 4-men audience (the guys from Cowgirl). We consistently referred to our audience by saying 'hey Budapest'. Last song, upon request, was a Big Star cover, September Gurls. Cowgirl, again, proved to be a real fan-magnet, as their music was able to tempt 2 persons to enter the basement for some (short) time. The female half of the 2-people audience promised to totally check them out. 

When Cowgirl started their last song, they were again stuck with only YSGTKU as their audience. Victor, Merlijn and Josse started jumping around the basement. Sam from Cowgirl dived into the audience. Ralf accused Cowgirl of playing a U2 cover as last song, putting the relationship between both bands on the edge. 

We took the stuff in a taxi to our new accommodation 'the House of Rock', which was great. Taxi driver turned out to be a big rock fan, pumping out classic rock from the speakers and drumming along (with drumsticks on the steering wheel) while driving. Very cool. At the end of the evening we had a pizza from our new friend Marco, who was in Masterchef Italy. We went to bed early and slept really well. No bugs this time. Now on the way to Krakow. 

 Audience attendance: Four

Cowgirl and YSGTKU having fun in Budapest

Danny from Cowgirl checks into the House of Rock
You Should Get To Know Us send their fanbase into rapture
Another successful night on the Cowgirl/YSGTKU East Europe tour