Day four of the exclusive East Europe Desert Mine summer tour

Going on tour means that bands have to travel huge distances to entertain their loyal fanbases. So far, both Cowgirl and You Should Get To Know us have managed to rock Dresden, destroy Prague and had a nice time. Find out how they got to their next destination in their exciting tour diary below.

23 July - Prague to Budapest (travel day)

Tour report - You Should Get To Know Us 

Yesterday we drove from Prague to Budapest. Victor and Josse did amazing jobs driving in small parking garages. Went out in Budapest for a beer and two guys came up to us, telling that they saw us play in Prague. One was wearing a YSGTKU button on his purse. It remains unclear whether these fans intentionally followed their new favourite slackrock band... 

We played some table football and went home, only to discover that there were bed bugs in our room. Some of the guys didn't care and just slept in the room together with their new tiny friends. Luckily, they were not bitten. The true divas of both bands went to the Hilton hotel and had a splendid night surrounded by luxury. We abandoned the shit hostel and booked for tonight an apartment called 'House of Rock', a place where we belong. Excited to rock again tonight. 

Tour report - Cowgirl (Sam) 

TRIGGER WARNING: BED BUG HELL. Cruised into Budapest in the blazing sun. Spirits were high and it seemed like nothing could bring us down. A couple of bands rocking it and living la vida loco. It was another day off, we work hard, we play hard. 

Checked into the hostel, got some food, got some beers. Victor kicked my ass on table football. The tequilas and white Russians were flowing. A pub crawl arrived and not one, not two, but three Cowgirl and YSGTKU fans who'd caught our infamous Prague show came over say hi to the guys. We posed for photos and signed albums then thought it might be fun to tag along. 

The pub crawl seemed pretty unorganised and within a couple of minutes the group was separated from its guide. Our hero, Josse bluffed that he was in fact the tour guide and before long we had 20 drunk tourists following us. The Pide Piper of Njimegen. 

While planning our next drinking hole we received a distressed call from Tom and Jack who had returned to the hostel earlier. That's right. We had BED BUGS. It was 4am so our options were limited. Josse called some other hostels but no room at the inn. Jack and Victor gave zero fucks and were already tucked up with their little parasitic friends. Danny opted to sleep in the van. Josse reluctantly bedded down for the night while myself, Tom, Merlyn and Roy got ourselves a couple of rooms at The Hilton. Living the high life. 

As we tucked ourselves into our crisp sheets and our heads sunk into the fluffy pillows we couldn't help but think of our comrades. Taking one for the team in an infested hostel and an over heated van in a multistory car park. True rockers. And for that we salute them.

The YSGTKU & Cowgirl summer tour arrives in Budapest, Hungary

You Should Get To Know Us ready to rock in Budapest
Cowgirl and YSGTKU getting totally fucked up
Madcap on the road antics are guaranteed when Cowgirl are around
You Should Get To Know Us fan proudly showing off his YSGTKU badge