The latest on the road news from hot Desert Mine signings

This week sees Cowgirl and You Should Get To Know Us hitting the road across Eastern Europe. The week-long tour sees the Desert Mine signings playing cities in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

We asked the bands to keep us updated with the latest road gossip by writing a tour diary. Check out the latest Cowgirl single and the critically acclaimed You Should Get To Know Us album and see what happened on the road.

20 July - Dresden Mondfisch

Tour report from You Should Get To Know Us

We left very late because of slacker stuff but were at Mondfisch at 8. The British people were eating a lot of crisps in the van. Cowgirl started and some people came in to listen and then left later again because it was insanely loud. Then we played with little audience until it started raining outside, which was nice. Next, we got drunk and ate falafel. Overall, it was a very predictable day. Cheers!

Tour report from Cowgirl

Veni vidi vici. Day 1 on the road with YSGTKU. It's been a hot one. Shout out to Franz at the Mondfisch, he was a good guy and we enjoyed his signature 'The Franz' shot. Smouldering sets by both bands. Disappointing kebab game. Good bread and substantial amount of meat but lacking in sauce and salad. 6/10. It was a dry boy. Interesting and frequent bowel movements this morning. The sun's out and we're in the van heading to tonight's show in Prague. The air con is flowing and the tunes are pumping. A man shouted loudly at the end of last night's set 'Who are you?!'. We responded 'We are Cowgirl'. That we are. That we are.

Audience attendance: 4 - 20

Josse from You Should Get To Know Us eating food
Josse from YSGTKU and Sam from Cowgirl talk business
Cowgirl in the van

Cowgirl photobooth action
You Should Get To Know Us up the style stakes
Tour day 1: UK/Netherlands to Dresden, Germany