Day three of the Cowgirl and You Should Get To Know Us eastern European tour 

After their massive success in Dresden and controversy in Prague, Cowgirl and You Should Get To Know Us earned themselves a well-deserved day-off. But how do the Desert Mine signings relax and unwind after such epic performances? Find out in the exclusive tour diary below.

23 July - Prague (day off)

Tour report from You Should Get to Know Us

We had a resting day yesterday. Went out in casual outfits according to the latest trends in modern fashion. It was difficult to move around in the city because the streets were filled with our Czech fanbase. However, they could also have been just tourists. 

We also climbed a beautiful hill in Prague. It reminded us of carrying our heavy loads up to the top of the Dutch music industry. We went to a medieval restaurant and Josse managed to order an amount food that was heavier than his body weight. We waited until he digested it and then went to bed. It was a nice day. 

Tour report from Cowgirl 

Day off. Lie in. Had a long stroll, took in the sights. Ate double our body weight in carbohydrates. Shout out to Josse for a mad meal choice: goulash to start then risotto with a side of roast potatoes and a pot of roast veg. Early night. All round nice day.

You Should Get To Know Us having a nice time in Prague

YSGTKU and Cowgirl having a lovely meal in Prague