Part two of Cowgirl and You Should Get To Know Us tour diary

Yesterday we revealed what Cowgirl and YSGTKU got up to in Dresden. Keep reading to see how these Desert Mine signings got on when they made their first ever visit to Prague.

22 July - Prague Vzorkovna

Tour report from You Should Get To Know Us

Well yesterday was super weird. We played in a dungeon in the old town of Prague. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and there was very scary music. At first we were scared that there was gonna be a tough-guy audience performing very violent moshpits, but luckily most visitors were mostly harmless American tourists. The soundguy wanted us to plug in guitars directly into the PA instead of the amps, resulting in a conflict that lasted all night until Danny at one point plugged into the PA and blew up a speaker. But more about that later. 

First we, YSGTKU, played a selection of our hits. American girls requested us to play Happy Birthday but we did not know how to play that song. Then, Cowgirl played until a string broke. Then, we played again because the sound guy wanted us to play until late. After the show, a wild rapper appeared and the place turned into a hip-hop club. Josse was feeling very happy and initiated a jam with the rapper and, among others, Victor and Danny. 

Then, all kinds of narcissistic pricks started to go up stage and try to have their moment of fame. Danny, meanwhile, accommodated to the needs of the soundguy and plugged his guitar into the PA, blowing up the speaker. The whole thing ended when the rapper, who had disappeared, climbed up the stage screaming 'stop the music, stop the music, no disrespect, let's play some music'. It reminded us of Kanye West climbing up stage and stopping the shows at the VMA awards. It was a celebrative ending of the evening.

Tour report from Cowgirl

Well. Last night was interesting. Arrived at the venue at the arranged load in time only to be told that we had to come back later because all the staff were too hungover. When we finally did load in we realised we were basically loading into a dungeon, complete with chains hanging from the ceiling and a sex swing above the stage. Sound guy was a weird dude with a dog that followed him wherever he went. Did the usual job of constantly telling everyone to turn down. Highlight of the night was Danny, Victor and a couple of randomers backing up a rapper and constantly being told my a guy in a baseball cap to play more reggae. The Velvet Underground jams weren't to the rappers liking and he abruptly ordered the band to 'stop the music' because it wasn't the 'right kind of music'. The guitars came off and we shipped out. Full diva. Fuck that guy. At least Danny blew the left hand speaker. See ya suckers.

Audience attendance: 50 maximum

Cowgirl shaking some rock in Prague

Exclusive Prague setlist from You Should Get To Know Us

You Should Get To Know Us delighting their Czech fanbase
Cowgirl hitting it heavy in Prague
Hanging out with Cowgirl in Prague