Triple hits from Desert Mine faithful

Desert Mine has released a handful of records over the past few of months. A dual single Undone/I'm Lucky by Lovesick Puppies, a double single by Ralf Knoflook and an EP called Crooked Candle by Sam Forrest.

Lovesick Puppies are Victor and Merlijn from You Should Get To Know Us. The single sees each of Nijmegen-based songwriters taking lead vocal duties. Expect to hear more from this talented Dutch duo soon. The dual-single can be streamed at all good streaming sites or it can be downloaded from our shop.

Ralf Knoflook is another Nijmegen-based musician who's had a big impact on the Desert Mine label. His latest double single features the songs Waiting For You and Expectations.

Crooked Candle is the latest release by Sam Forrest. It's a five-track EP that Sam recorded at home in autumn 2020. The EP can be streamed from all standard sites, and it can be downloaded from Sam's Bandcamp page and our shop soon.