Not often that I get out of these offices. My days usually begin with a couple of cups of Yorkshire Tea before scrubbing the toilet again and then I open the blinds and see what the day brings.

Saturday was different though. For I was officially invited by Desert Mine Music's HOTTEST signings The Sorry Kisses to accompany them on the video shoot for their brand new single.

I'm sworn to secrecy as to both the single name, the album title, the concept, the hairdos and all kinds of things but I can reveal these EXCLUSIVE three photographs of the video shoot.

Doesn't it look vibing and captivating, yes?

Many thanks to MilesTone Productions for letting us be involved with this art. He's dapper that man. And supershowbiz thankings to Ryan and Mario of Humdrum for the physical and metaphorical crisps and biscuits.