In celebration of selling ONE copy of Sam Forrest's brand new album 'No Imagination' in France, here at Desert Mine Music we are dedicating not only today, but this whole blog post to F>R>R>R>A>N>C>E!

We aren't going to bore you with cliches about elongated bread or towers that look like phallic electricity pylons, no! Instead we are going to ravish you with French Music!

Like this MAN. Monsieur Marcaille. From Lille, near the Belgian border, he's currently roaming across Europe with a cello, two massive kick drums, two gargantuan amplifiers and a headful of snot. And he makes a sound like SATAN.


Or his touring partner in crime, a strangely quiet gentleman from just south of Paris calling himself Charogne Stone, who when he isn't quiet, does this!

And then we go back to Monsieur Marcaille!

And when you've blasted your mind with that, you can get all woozy with Francoise Hardy and her puppet friends:

Viva la France indeed.