Sometimes you just don't wanna understand. Sometimes you just want the feeling, not the message. To live in total confusion is freedom. The abstract is sometimes more joyous than the concrete.

So for that reason, at Desert Mine Music we've been delving further into the French noise extravaganza of the past half century and found a further rich seam of indecipherable (to us) babble of awesome noise.

Such as this man, Jaques Dutronc. We know nothing too much about him apart from the fact that he had something to do with Francoise Hardy and was probably called 'French Bob Dylan' for a time, but with more radikal production skills. Kind of like if Beck was living in Paris in the sixties and was angry about something and then decided to rant about it for three minutes at a time, over a cool weird backing.

Anyway, this is one of his more straight forward things, but there's more out there...