Next up in our series of 10 Questions where we ask the very talented people who help us at Desert Mine Music do what we do is Akiko Iida, artist extraordinaire...

Akiko is based in Japan and leads the Sendagi Painters Society and painted the eyeball-captivatingly-excellent artwork for the Sorry Kisses' albums 'Keep Smiling' and 'Um And Ah'. She has constantly kept us amazed with her magical watercolour paintings which have life, humour and general awesomeness.

You can find many more of her dazzling paintings here:

We contacted Akiko through a brand new invention called The Internet and asked her these questions:

1. What is your least favourite colour to paint with?

Least favourite...I think none. But oil colour, "Titanum White" is very strong white, a bit difficult to control using it.

2. If you could not paint with brushes, what would you use?

Index finger, medicinal finger and pinky finger.

3. Have you ever set fire to your paintings?

No, but I have a feeling many times.

4. Do you prefer to paint straight lines or curves? Or neither?

Straight lines.

5. If somebody paid you $1,000,000 to never paint again would you do it?

Oh no!

6. Have you ever painted with your eyes closed?

Yes. It's fun when you open your eyes to see what you've painted.

7. How much water do you use in one painting?

A small bucket of.

8. Have you ever tried to paint with two hands at once?

Yes. Tried to paint birds facing each other, symmetry, it wasn't so difficult. But i haven't tried to paint different stuffs

like the right hand painting apples and the left hand painting flowers. You can tell it's so hard!

9. Can you eat food and paint at the same time? If so what is your favourite food to eat and paint with?

No, I can't. Even if a stick of gum, I have to stop chewing it.

10. Have you ever painted on your own face?

No. But as a penalty game, I was given ink spiral pattern on my cheeks...