Not sure what a 'velm' is, but it rhymes with Helme, as in Chris Helme, and so thanks to market research data we put it as the title to this blog post to help snare rhythmically minded web-trotters into this information vortex.

Because, this information vortex contains an exclusive sound-nugget and also a visual eye-sucker relating to the forthcoming release of Chris Helme's new album 'The Rookery'.

Usually, we don't cover album releases from other labels because clearly they are less important than Desert Mine albums. However, Chris's album is different. Very different.

This is because he teamed up with Desert Mine's Sam Forrest to produce this opus and in the end Sam ended up co-writing three of the songs, as well as producing and mixing. Not only that, but esteemed Desert Mine artiste Hayley Hutchinson also joined in on the action and provides a range of vocal sounds in accompaniment.

All of which makes 'The Rookery' one of the most captivating records not to be released on Desert Mine Music ever. And we're a tiny bit jealous that we didn't get to release it ourselves...

But if you want to get first-hand sensory information then open your eye-brain and ear-portal to the EXCLUSIVE album cover artwork below:

And listen to an EXCLUSIVE excerpt of one of Chris Helme's songs co-written with Sam Forrest here:

Good To Be In Love Snippet by Chris Helme by desertminemusic