Global success and avant-lux prosperity

By the end of 2015 Desert Mine Music have advanced the global sonic initiatives of previous decades by inserting the following media into the digital and analogue algorithms.

The Sorry Kisses began Desert Mine's 2015 campaign with a February release entitled Play Along. The album reintroduced original drum-artist Micah Calabrese, garnered them repeated plays on Marc Riley's 6 Music show and they're currently locked away in a digital cave constructing neo-polarities for 2016.

Reclusive nudist Mark Wynn advanced his legacy with his definitive Skivvy: A Much More Noble Occupation album, and then confused the nation by supporting Sleaford Mods. After deleting himself off the internet, he then moved to a remote coastal town.

Sam Forrest delivered his sixth collection of melody-drones that he called Candlelightwater and stood upon stages in Tokyo and played inside wigwams in Nijmegen. He spent the later part of the year formulating a 'power-trio' live concept and started writing more pop-dribbles.

Desert Mine welcomed Nine Black Alps to the roster with the digital reissues of their combustible Locked Out From The Inside and Sirens albums. The band visited Japan for the first time in ten years and learned some new stuff.

And finally, members of Amusement Parks On Fire and Giant Drag united in the form of a band called YOUNG LIGHT who delivered a shivering blizzard of sonic conquest with their single Blank Dice. The band will spend 2016 working on their highly-anticipated full-length album.