Find out the inner workings of the UK garage rock duo

Cowgirl have been around for less than one hour, but in that time they have already stunned UK audiences with their outrageous live shows whilst supporting the likes of Amber Arcades, Mi Mye and more. Desert Mine have just released Cowgirl's debut single, She Picks Me Up, which is taken from their highly anticipated debut album. To find out more about what make Cowgirl's world go round, we tracked down Danny and Sam from the band and asked them 10 thought-provoking questions.

1. Why doesn’t Cowgirl use synthesisers to make your music sound more modern?
Interestingly most our material is composed on the classic EMS VCS3, recording-wise though we like guitars, our drummer's a technophobe.

2. Are Cowgirl actively looking for endorsements or sponsorship deals?

We pretty much got into this gig to make money so anything we can get to put on ebay really helps. Currently pushing for an Everard's Tiger, willing to wear a t-shirt on Later with Jools Holland.

3. Why don’t you allow your bass player or drummer to sing any songs?

Oh they’re allowed. Our new album will explore Jack's love for Tuvan throat singing, the demos are sounding real special.

4. What do you think about when you are posing for promotional photographs?

Mostly global warming though recently the state of the education system has been
bugging me.

5. If Cowgirl had to be a tribute band, whose songs would you cover?


6. What ratio of punk versus hippy is Cowgirl?

99 percent punk, 1 percent hippy, Sam's 52/48 though.

7. What has been the biggest disappointment of Cowgirl’s career so far?

The three different prices I've been charged for a chip naan at Hunters in
Manchester, sort it out!

8. Which band-member carries the greatest percentage of equipment when you are ‘loading in’ for a rock show?

Danny. He’s recently been using 14 Boss chromatic tuners on stage. It degrades
the signal in a way you just can’t get any other way. It’s heavy.

9. Do you dress differently for recording or playing live?

Normally we dress identical to stage, we like to feel immersed. If we're trying to rip-off the Velvet Underground, sometimes we'll wear striped t-shirts and wrap around shades. Tom plays the Nico part really well.

10. If Cowgirl was a colour, what colour would it be?