Breezy pop smash from garage rock duo

Since the start of 2019, we've been releasing some singles by the acclaimed garage rock duo - Cowgirl. From the primitive J.A.M.C cruise of She Picks Me Up to the Brian Jonestown-esque boogie of You're Not There, Cowgirl have shown that they are way more fun than most rock bands.

Their latest track, Different Ways, showcases the band's poppier side and has already been picking up some rave reviews. The song is available to download from the Desert Mine shop and can be streamed from all regular streaming sites. Check out the video for Different Ways below.

We also asked Cowgirl to name some of their key influences and favourite artists of the moment. Here is a full Desert Mine video playlist of Cowgirl's Top 13 Tracks...

1. Promised Land Sound - Push + Pull

2. The Molochs - No More Cryin'

3. Mazes - Skulking

4. Dylan Rodrigue - White Moon

5. J Fernandez - Common Sense

6. Sammy - Buckle Up Sunshine

7. Mike Krol - What's the Rhythm

8. Terry - Hot Heads

9. The Willowz - Repetition

10. Younghusband - Blonde Bending

11. Kelley Stoltz - Are You Electric?

 12. The Surfing Magazines - New Day

13. Mi Mye - The First Waltz