Of course at Desert Mine Music we are not completely insular....

Indeed, we realise that there is a world beyond our curtains and that occasionally interesting things could, might and do happen.

One of these 'interesting' things was the release of an albumus called 'Portmanteau' by a mysterious gentleman who calls himself Keegan Snaize.

Based both in New Zealand, Boston USA and North Yorkshire, England, Keegan Snaize is someone with an almost schizophrenic approach to music.

One moment singing sublime harmonies with himself on the delicious album closer 'Beautiful Moon' to raging like an incandescent fire-troll on the riotous opener 'Everybody Knows', it seems that Keegan Snaize could almost be two people!

Anyway, let me not cloud your judgement any further, but if you like Wilco, Guided By Voices, Neil Finn or anything with a silver lining then checkitowt here