It's not often that Desert Mine Music can claim to have changed the interplanetary shift of the cosmos but this week sees a momentous change in the music industry.

This is because one of our fledgling talents that we helped nurture in our Factory Of Unprofessional Sound, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, has officially SMASHED the hit parade with his song 'Atlas Hands'.

We cannot verify the precise chart position at the moment but word has reached us that the single might be the biggest selling single of all time and will be a Xmas Number One the world over by summer next year.

The song 'Atlas Hands' is like waking up in a snow covered field surrounded by ten thousand miniature radiators melting the winter waste revealing a strawberry shaped sun drizzling honeysweet nectar into your mind. And it also features mindmelting backing vocals by Desert Mine Music stalwart Hayley Hutchinson.

Mr Leftwich spent many a lazy afternoon sprawled in the Desert Mine Music recording studio recently applying many layers of reverb and smoke to some demo recordings and whatnot and so we are immensely satisfied to watch him become A Modern God.

Look at this pretty video and then GIVE>BEN>YOUR>CASH