Rods. Rods? RODS!

Canada. A distant land seemingly. Although not as distant as we once feared. Because we at Desert Mine Music are bridging the Atlantic with our commerce with the release of a Toronto based GENIUS called Dany Slak.

We heard his album called 'Rods' over the festive period last year and our jaws smashed into pieces upon the cold marble floors of our mansion. Lyrical mastery, vocal supremacy and musical rapture blossoming into a union of joy and a greater understanding of the universe that we find ourselves within.

And so we made it our mission to track down Dany Slak and beg him upon bended knee to let us release his album through Desert Mine Music.

To our amazement he agreed! So we set the wheels in motion, pressed buttons, filled in forms and now we are incredibly proud to announce that Desert Mine Music will be releasing 'Rods' exclusively on digital formats on April 18th 2011! Or sometime around then.

So if you want to hear the sound of glory wrapped in the rags of intoxicated excellent, plug yourself into this!

And mesmerise yourself below:

What Am I To You By Dany Slak by desertminemusic