Debt. Everybody's in it. Nobody wants to admit it. Yet all the same, it makes our world spin wildly on in its giddy path around that big fireball sun thing.

So it was with gladness-filled ears that I heard that the Sorry Kisses were announcing that they don't owe anybody anything. Or rather 'IOU Nothing'.

And it was with boggled-mind and frantic eyeballs that I saw the video they chose to accompany this!

Yes, it seems that with the help of their erstwhile video colleagues Milestone Productions, they spent an evening in the company of dozens of gold hot-panted females who appear to want to do nothing better than tie roller skates on their feet and then smash into each other with their bodies.

And yet in the midst of such debauchery, great art has flourished once more!

So feast your eyes/mind on this carnival of violence and roller-boots (and music)!

And if you fancied donning the hotpants, boots and getting physical go here...