Classic albums? Who decides what's 'classic'? The Man? God? No, it's YOU. Whether they be 'classic' in terms of genre-defining or 'classic' in terms of genre-bending is beside the point. The point is that once heard, a classic album will always leave you wanting MORE! And I'm gonna give you more!

One such classic album is 'Hard Drive' by the Sorry Kisses. Released through Desert Mine Music in the golden springtime of 2008, the album has already reached the upper echelons of musical glory with its spellbinding use of sludge and melody.

However, there is a moment of unexpected melancholy in this sun-ripened beauty of an album. Yes, midway through the record you come across less than a minutes worth of a haunting atmospheric soundscape called 'Death Of A Whale' that leaves almost as soon as it arrives. Like a pissed-off blackbird on your windowsill.

Anyway, I've spent the afternoon sifting through the Desert Mine Music archives and struck gold! What I found was the full, unedited version of 'Death Of A Whale' lasting well over five minutes!

So click the link, put your headphones on and let yourself be consumed by the ghostly sounds of rotting whale carcasses drifting to the bottom of the ocean.

Death Of A Whale Extended by The Sorry Kisses by desertminemusic