Can you ever get too much of a good thing?

That's the question that's been haunting me recently. If it's not an overflowing box of mini-Toblerones leftover from Christmas, then it must be the surplus of mind-expanding music being produced from the Factory Of Unprofessional Sound right here at Desert Mine Music HQ.

We've got too much I tell you. So, I've taken it upon myself to share it with you.

That's right. Because as of this moment you can now download the ultra-exclusive rarity that is 'Kelly's Got Standards' by The Sorry Kisses.

The two and a half minute punk-pop nugget was the bonus track on the physical release of their 'Um And Ah' album and can be found nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, on the internet.

Until now! And what's more, you also receive a free never-before-seen miniature digital image created by our favourite artist Akiko Iida exclusively for the 'Um And Ah' artwork.

Spoiled rotten you are...

Kelly's Got Standards by The Sorry Kisses by desertminemusic