Ice ages only last so long. The sands of time can trickle downwards through the extended hourglasses of the cosmos for a limited period only. And the Sorry Kisses new album is apparently finished?!

That's the word that reached me today. Not quite sure how to take that news. I'd kind of got comfortable to receive the reply 'We're still mixing, piss off' whenever I asked them how their new album was progressing.

But now it seems that they've gone and named it 'Keep Smiling', got some mind-erasingly tasty artwork from Akiko Iida done for it and even gone behind my back to set a release date for February 21st. THIS YEAR!?

Already some Desert Mine Music boffin has constructed a Bandcamp page for this landmark moment. No music as yet I see, but I'm told the grand unveiling will be soon...

So now I don't really know what to do with myself. I meant to try and think of something to do for when this moment came but now I'm just sat here. And it's really still. And I can hear the refrigerator humming. The clock ticking. My ears ringing. My brain emptying like the tape from a broken cassette.

Happy new year!