I am a man. I am a man who prides himself on being on time. Twelve times a day I navigate my home and check to see that all twenty three clocks are perfectly in time. Plus my wristwatch.

This is because I like to be up to date.

This is because I am the press officer of Desert Mine Music. Being a press officer means I have to have my forefinger on the throbbing pulse of culture. And I do hate to be late.

However, when I logged into my internet today I discovered that I had missed an internet EXPLOSION over the past few days.

Yes. It seems that the Sorry Kisses have released a brand new video entitled 'Sunstorms' that is bewitching and beguiling the entire planet in a whirl of fuzzed guitars, heavenly harmonies and an amazing man who appears to forward roll across a variety of scenarios.

From city streets to city walls, park hills to forest glades our forward-rolling hero is seen shunning cultural norms to live his life and his dream.

And it makes me smile. And it keeps me smiling.

Speaking of which, watch this space because I have a headful of news to splatter on your face at the start of next week concerning the Sorry Kisses.

But until then, feast your eyes and your spine upon this incredibly monumentally fantastic piece of video musical mystical art: