Day six of the summer tour sees the bands heading north

After rocking Budapest, being consumed by parasites, spending some quality time, causing outrage in Prague and satisfying Dresden, You Should Get To Know Us and Cowgirl turned their attention northwards. Find out what happened on day six of the bands' summer tour by reading the latest instalment of their tour diary.

25 July - Budapest to Krakow

Tour report - Cowgirl (Sam) 

We loaded up the gear and Victor did some incredible manoeuvring to get the van out of the multi-story car park. Miraculously springing the van free from an impossible trap. Shout out to Jack who sprinted about 6K to bring us the parking ticket without breaking a sweat. 

Drove the length of Slovakia into Poland. That was one beautiful drive. Shout out to the Slovakian landscape. Touched down in Krakow and checked in. Got on it like a scotch bonnet. 

Everyone seemed to want to invite us to strip clubs. We went to a karaoke bar but unfortunately the list was full and Krakow missed out on what could have been a stirring rendition of Twist and Shout. 

Josse messed up the exchange rate and accidentally withdrew $250 for one night. He treated us to a kebab, Danny gave it 8.5/10 but for me the chili sauce didn't deliver and thus, I could only give it a 6.5/10. All in all, it was a great night. Thanks Krakow!

Tour report - You Should Get To Know Us (Merlijn and Roy) 

For breakfast we had Marco's pizza again. Some guys went to get the van from the parking but forgot the ticket. Jack took a sprint to bring the ticket and was therefore the hero of day. 

Long, but nice, drive to Krakow straight through the Slovakian mountains. In the van, Thom convinced Josse to become a comic illustrator. 

In Krakow, we had amazing Indian food. Next, we went to the centre and saw the tourists walk the march of capitalism. Another episode of open-air museum Europe. Only Polish people around were good-looking youth that tried to seduce you to join their pubcrawl. Our British friends suffered from their own politeness and spent most of the evening talking to the people that approached them. We, tough Dutch guys, just ignored the shit of them. Sick of our own consumerism we bought nothing and went to bed early.
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